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EMON Class 1000 SubMeters

Need to measure energy usage in a residential or commercial environment?

This is a fully electronic meter that accurately measures electrical usage in 1 phase 2 wire or 2 phase 3wire configurations. It possesses utility grade accuracy and is certified to ANSI C12.1 and ANSI C.16 standard.

The Emon Class 1000 (as well as all E-Mon meters) is easily installed without interrupting power to the users making it ideal for either new construction or retrofitting an existing building. Don’t have lots of wall space? E-Mon meters can either be installed as a single unit or in an MMU cabinet that maximizes your available space. The cabinets come in 8, 16, or 24 meter sizes. To further maximize your flexibility, E-Mon meters utilize a unique 0-2 volt current sensor that allows the meter to be installed up to 2000 feet away from the panel by extending the current sensor leads.

The E-mon Class 1000 can be teamed with the E-Mon Energy software that allows the user to monitor, track, and/or bill individual users for their power consumption. This can be done from your desktop PC either on-site or from a remote location using different methods of communication. The Class 1000 can also communicate with your building energy management system.

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